Blog-A-Roni: Wade Flattered By Bulls Trade Talk

• Fred Mitchell of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE fans the flames of the latest NBA trade rumors - this time, it’s Dwyane Wade going to the Bulls.

Dwyane Wade Benny the Bull

Ryan Wilson of AOL FANHOUSE keeps the faith, as Cowboys safety Roy Williams compares himself to Jesus Christ.

• The DETROIT FREE-PRESS skates over the confession that Tiger Woods is no fan of hockey.

• But the KANSAS CITY STAR counters that George Brett loves the sport - and that he’s willing to invest into any NHL team that comes to town.

• VEGAS WATCH would never have bet this would happen - the Rays have better odds to win the AL East than the Yankees.

• Based on the Red Wings’ 3-OT Monday night loss to the Penguins, THE WORLD OF ISAAC brings up other deflating Detroit defeats.

Darren Rovell of CNBC races news that if Big Brown claims the Triple Crown, one man will win $18,000 from a $150 bet.

• 100% INJURY RATE spots Shawne Merriman showing up at a WWE event.

• The BOSTON GLOBE looks back on what was cool during the last time the Celtics made the Finals.

• The MEMPHIS COMMERCIAL APPEAL serves up news that the Memphis Tigers weren’t so hungry for the local cuisine during a trip to China.

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