Holy Mother: Dwyane Wade Buys Church For Mom

Many NBA superstars like to use their financial fame to buy gifts for their families - houses, cars, meals at The Cheesecake Factory and other such goods. But how many players can say they’ve bought their mom a church?

Dwyane Wade with mom Jolinda

Stefano Esposito of the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES gives praise to Dwyane Wade for helping his mother Jolinda open up a new house of the Lord on the Windy City’s South Side.

On Sunday, Jolinda began service as co-pastor minister for the new Temple of Praise, located in a building her son purchased. As Esposito described it, “It’s a simple, unadorned chapel with fluorescent lighting, a plain white pulpit and no windows.”

It’s been quite a turnaround for Dwyane’s mom, who’s spent years as a drug addict & prison inmate before cleaning up & finding God.

And Dwyane himself says that his journey to NBA stardom can’t compare to his mom’s transformation to a woman of the cloth:

“People says what I’ve done is miraculous. No, no, this is miraculous.”

And if Jolinda’s ever on the lookout for special guest speakers, she can count on fellow NBA mom Gloria Jones to shout a few strong words of support.