Dwight Howard’s Baby & Baby Mama Back In Town

Sunday night, the Orlando Magic were busy celebrating 20 years of the NBA team’s existence. As part of the “20 Years of Magic” celebration, more than 100 former Magic Dancers showed up at the Amway Arena - including this hot mama with a toddler in tow:

royce reed braylon howard dwight howard son

Who’s that? Why, it’s none other than Royce Reed, former girlfriend of Magic star Dwight Howard. And the little bundle of joy in her arms? That’s Royce & Dwight’s 1-year-old son, Braylon Joshua Robert Howard.

If you recall, little Braylon was the subject of a little controversy involving Dwight. Here was the older Howard, a superstar role model & very devout Christian, spreading the word of God ‘n’ such - and he goes out and impregnates a team dancer, who ends up having Dwight’s baby out of wedlock.

But Royce is back, and ready to show Dwight what he’s been missing out on. Pics of Dwight’s baby mama in action after the jump.

As offered up by the ORLANDO SENTINEL:

Royce Reed Magic Dwight Howard

Baby mama said knock you out!

Royce Reed Magic Dwight Howard

¬†This move was very helpful during Braylon’s birthing process.

Royce Reed

“I’m coming to get you, Dwight!¬† Where’s my child support?”

Royce Reed Braylon Howard Dwight Howard

But Royce can’t relive her Magic Dancin’ days forever, so it’s soon back to cradling Braylon, who’s busy shaking hands with an appreciative audience.