Dwight Howard Padding His Stats For The Children

It’s a pretty common occurrence in sports for the athletes playing the games to pad their stats somewhat. For the most part, fans see this as a selfish act because the player is putting himself before the team, and they’re right. Still, it’s hard to blame a player for this because the difference between a 15 points per game and a 17 points per game average could be a couple of million dollars for a player, which is nothing to sneeze at.

However, it should be pointed out that padding one’s stats is not always a selfish act. In fact, Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard openly admits to padding his stats during games sometimes, but it’s not just to maintain his double-double average to make him look good. No, when Dwight stays in a game longer than he needs to so he can get a few more points or rebounds, he’s doing it for the kids.


Orlando Magic center Dwight Howard is averaging a double-double this season, with 20.7 points and nearly 14 rebounds a game. It’s not only good for statistical reasons, it’s also good for a charitable cause, as every time Howard gets a double-double, Wrigley’s and its Doublemint brand donate $250 to PCA America, an organization that prevents child abuse.

It might be only $250 to a guy who will make $4.8 million this year, but the 23-year-old doesn’t take the chance at making a difference with each game lightly.

“If I need a couple more rebounds to get a double-double in a game, I can convince coach (Stan Van Gundy) to leave me in,” Howard said.

Maybe Allen Iverson should have tried this approach with the Pistons. “But coach, I can’t come off the bench. Every game I start I donate $500 to the local children’s hospital. By putting me on the bench, you’re killing babies!”

You have to admit it would be pretty hard to keep him on the bench after that. Nobody wants dead babies on their conscience. They’re so cute the way they laugh and soil themselves.

No word on how much money Howard earns for charity every time he allows a midget to wipe his junk on his neck to win a slam dunk championship.