Dwight Howard Next Magic Man To Go Hollywood?

It’s been no surprise to any fan of the NBA (especially the televised version) that Dwight Howard is a popular person to put in front of a camera. Hey, why not? He’s a physical freak of nature with a flair for the dramatic, and acting goofy is a lot easier than learning post moves.

Dwight Howard Ad
(Dwight, I know a place where you can take advantage of better special effects than that.)

But as you can imagine, Orlando ought to be very worried that Howard has evidently figured out that part about acting and playing basketball. And while there’s plenty of places in America to shoot a movie, the best place is right in the backyard of that team that just erased them in the Finals.

As Mike Bianchi of the ORLANDO SENTINEL reports, Howard’s got stars in his eyes - just like another certain charismatic big man from Orlando about 15 years ago:

Acknowledge you are at least a tad bit bothered by young Dwight’s desire to not only be the most dominant basketball player on the planet but to also become a famous movie star, TV personality and entertainment giant.

Come on, don’t deny it. This painfully reminds you of yet another former Magic big man who fell in love with the idea of making movies and hanging out with the stars, doesn’t it? That, of course, would be Shaq, who ended up bolting Orlando for Hollywood the first chance he got.

Dwight, by the way, was in Hollywood the other day and was caught on camera by the entertainment Web site TMZ.com. During the brief interview, he said he loved L.A. and shamelessly lobbied for a reality TV show like that dreadful thing on VH1 currently being aired about NFL star Terrell Owens.

Howard’s seemingly running the fame gamut at a speed usually reserved for empty-eyed starlets. He’s got a child out of wedlock, he’s in shameless commercials; hell, he’s even got a sex tape impersonator already. And he was just in high school, what, five years ago? Who does Dwight think he is, Lindsay Lohan?

Of course, Howard’s career probably won’t follow the catastrophic slide that usually happens to Hollywood’s young and pretties. For one, he’s not an actor by trade, he’s an athlete, and those people don’t usually get mixed up in the really bad stuff.

But Shaq’s an athlete too, one with a Q rating that’s way higher than he ever could have accomplished in Orlando. Sure, Orlando’s where he released his “Shaq Fu” game and launched his ridiculous rap career. Those were mere sideshows, though, and Howard’s getting his own sideshows in place now.

Then the next step? L.A., baby. Orlando should plan accordingly.