Dwyane Wade Buys Family House For Christmas

Regardless of how you feel about the Miami Heat (both the sports team and the climate, for that matter), everyone has to agree: Dwayne Wade is a pretty solid guy. After hearing a holiday tale of woe about a South Florida woman’s nephew accidentally burning down their house, Wade and his charitable foundation — Wade’s World — stepped in and did what he thought was right: He bought her a new house.

dwayne wade with a family

OK, he didn’t buy her the entire house, but he did make her purchase of a new house possible. Wade reportedly took care of the property’s down payment and has committed to make Dawn Smith’s monthly mortgage payments until she gets her family back on their feet.

“That’s what I try to teach my kids,” Wade said. “It’s not about what you’re going to receive—it’s what you can give to others from what you’ve received. … We can help this family have a new beginning.

As for the recipient, she was understandably overcome with thankfulness for the Miami swingman’s generosity. Not that it mattered that he was an NBA player.

Here’s what Smith had to say about her Christmas gift:

“A big-time relief,” Smith said. “Thank you so much. Thank you so much. Oh, God, thank you so much.”

The amazing thing is that Wade’s holiday generosity is hardly the first time that he’s gone above and beyond to help out the community. Unlike so many of his peers, nearly all of whom have token charities, Wade is genuinely committed to giving a sizable portion of his earnings and time back to the greater Miami community. Before he even bought Smith’s house, Wade hosted a holiday party for 350 children, bought another 100 underpriveled kids a ticket to the Heat’s game against Warriors and donated $10,000 to each of three children’s charities.

And what was D-Wade’s message to the new second-time home owners? Appropriately, it was simple and magnanimous: “Hopefully, you’ll like it.”