Dungy Throws Fisher Under The Bus About Jersey

The day after his team lost to New England 59-0 two weeks ago, Jeff Fisher surprised a Tennessee audience by wearing a Colts jersey to a Tony Dungy charity event in Nashville. Fisher punctuated the appearance by saying, “I just wanted to feel like a winner.”

Tony Dungy throws Jeff Fisher under the bus on jersey flap

(If I was Dungy, I would’ve covered for Fisher. Bad form.)

Yea, it was probably a stupid move by Fisher, but at least he was raising money for charity. Right Tony?

If you were Dungy, would you have covered for Fisher?

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I wouldn’t have done it if we were 10-0,” Dungy said on NBC’s Football Night in America, “but that’s me.”

Dungy, while acknowledging that it was a joke, said it probably occurred too soon after the blowout loss. “From a players’ perspective in the locker room, you just got your butt kicked 59-0,” he said. “It’s just bad timing.”

That’s some serious truth-telling there. I have to hand it to Dungy for his audience, especially considering that Fisher was there for his charity.

But maybe Dungy was disconcerted about the undue attention Fisher’s selection of activewear received. Upset that perhaps Fisher took away some of his spotlight?

Just a theory. More likely Dungy, like most of it, thought it was just plain bad form. A severe misjudgement by Fisher. And based on his team’s performance this season, that surprises no one.