Dungy Decides To Depart From Coaching the Colts

Tony Dungy calls it a coaching career by cutting cords with the Colts.

Tony Dungy dunked

• After an early playoff exit, the New York Giants would consider bringing back Plaxico Burress.

• Was it really that cold in Charlotte & East Rutherford this weekend?

• Broncos hire a Patriots coordinator as their new head coach. And we know how well that’s worked out for the Browns & Notre Dame.

Barbaro’s little brother is ready to gallop into the spolight.

• A lot of MLB players say they’re suffering from Attention Deficit Disord… hey, Big League Chew is on sale!

Zina Garrison calls a double-fault against the U.S. Tennis Association for racial discrimination.

• Athletes wearing earrings - super-cool or super-stupid?

• And the winner of today’s bangin’ basketball caption contest is…

Michael Roll UCLA Daniel Hackett USC basketball

BenMR, with this protective pun: Ready for action, Roll grabs himself a Trojan.

Thanks for playing. A new contest bounces your way tomorrow.