Dungy Coming Out With Another Righteous Book

Move over, Will Leitch. Take a back seat, Jose Canseco. Tony Dungy is ready to light up the literary world again.

Tony Dungy new book

The INDIANAPOLIS STAR reports that the Colts coach is coming out with a sequel to his New York Times bestseller “Quiet Strength” - the 96-page paperback “Quiet Strength: Men’s Bible Study.”

According to the news release, the follow-up is “aimed specifically at men, including those who may not otherwise be interested in spiritual matters.” Sorry, ladies.

The book supposedly challenges its male readers to find the answers to these six questions:

• What’s my game plan?

• What’s my strength?

• What’s success?

• Where’s my security?

• What’s my significance?

• What’s my legacy?

Terry Bradshaw money

Obviously, the answer to all six is “making money”. There, we just saved you $9.99 plus tax.

Dungy says his new book isn’t just about football: “It’s about the principles and priorities that have guided my life and that I hope will guide yours.”

So, Tony shouldn’t expect any brisk sales at the West Hollywood Borders.