Dungy Accuses Glazers Of Lying About Tampa Job Status

DUNGY RECOUNTS TREATMENT FROM GODLESS GLAZERS: Tony Dungy has a new book out, and with the Tampa Bay Bucs now hopelessly stuck in the mud, the ST. PETERSBURG TIMES takes great delight in deconstructing the Glazers’ hideously dishonest handling of Dungy’s 2001 departure.

Tony Dungy

Dungy claims in his book that before he was fired as Buccaneeers Coach after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles during the 2001 playoffs, Joel Glazer assured him that his job was completely safe: “Tony, I know you’re hearing rumors that if we don’t win it all, we’re going to make a change. I want you to know you don’t have to win the Super Bowl this year. We don’t want to extend your contract now with two years left, but you’re our coach.

Before the Eagles game, the Times reported that Dungy would be fired if the team dropped the game in Philly. The Glazer family always traveled on the team plane to away games during Dungy’s tenure, and the coach planned to confront Joel about the report during the flight to Philadelphia. One problem though, the Glazers didn’t take the trip with the team that day.

Tony Dungy

The Eagles throttled the Bucs 31-9 the next afternoon, and suddenly, even god couldn’t get Dungy’s security card to work at the Bucs’ practice complex.

But we guess it could’ve be worse for Dungy. The Glazers could’ve all been teh gays.