Dumpster Muffin Cleared; Cal Building Begins?

We’re no FIELD OF SCHEMES, but we can occasionally cover the thornier stadium issues. We know it’s important when protesters that have been occupying oak trees on the Berkeley campus of the University of California for the last 18 months have started to climb down as the start of construction nears on a new athlete training center and improvements on Memorial Stadium.

Dumpster Muffin rattles her cage

(You really have to see the video to appreciate the… devotion)

We especially recognize the importance of the de-tree-ing of one of the leaders: Dumpster Muffin, aka Amanda Tierney. She’s shown above, speaking “calmly” to arborists in a construction bucket about her grievances. You can see why Cal-Berkeley officials chose to let the protesters stay in the trees while they worked out court issues on the construction. She’s an inspiration.

(We don’t know; are fire suits standard for arborists? We thought that was just for arsonists.)
Those lawsuits are from the protesters (and their supporters), of course, but there are more serious legal challenges from the city of Berkeley and other interested parties. As always, don’t try to do anything in Berkeley unless you’ve got a decade or two to kill in court. Even Clay Bennett would flinch at taking on the Berkeley City Council.

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