Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Files For Bankruptcy

The over-zealous prosecutor in the Duke lacrosse rape case has already lost his job & career. Now he’s losing financial stability.

Mike Nifong

The RALEIGH NEWS-OBSERVER reports that Mike Nifong filed for bankruptcy on Tuesday. The filing came on the same day the ex-prosecutor was supposed to respond to a civil suit brought against him by the three lacrosse players he tried to accuse of rape.

As for Nifong’s financial standing, he seems to be running quite a deficit.

According to the ASSOCIATED PRESS, the former D.A. claims less that $250,000 in assets, while listing liabilities of more than $180 million - including the money he expects to lose in fighting the lawsuit.

As for the players’ lawsuit, Nifong is not the only one accused of any wrongs. The suit also charges the city of Durham, the DNA laboratory used by Nifong, and numerous police officers as conspiring against the players.

The three claim that the defendants went ahead with prosecuting the lacrosse players, even though they knew the rape claims were “a total fabrication by a mentally troubled, drug-prone exotic dancer whose claims, time and again, were contradicted by physical evidence, documentary evidence, other witnesses, and even the accuser herself.”

For someone who botched a sex assault case, looks like Nifong can kiss his own ass goodbye.