Duke Football Players Pose For Shirtless Poster

Remember when the Tennessee Volunteers football squad did a shirtless photo shoot around an orange Lamborghini? And we all had a pleasant chuckle at the silliness & slightly homoerotic quality of it all? Well, the Duke Blue Devils are not to be outdone in such shirtless-posing matters:

Duke football shirtless poster

Ladies & gentlemen - presenting your 2009 Iron Dukes motivational poster!

The image comes courtesy of BLUEDEVILSFOOTBALL.COM, once again proving that on the Internet, you can find web pages dedicated to even the most odd & obscure obsessions - such as Duke University football.

This year’s batch of Blue Devils is coached by David Cutcliffe, formerly a longtime Tennessee assistant - so we can see where the Dookies might have gotten the idea. Next up on Dave’s agenda is *INSERT YOUR OWN LANE KIFFIN MOMENT OF KOOKINESS HERE*.

Still, you have to admit this season’s Duke squad is looking quite buff - although I’m not sure why they’re holding film reels. And this collection of sculpted specimens has already vanquished Army & almost beat defending 1-AA national champion Richmond.

But unsatisfied that the photo above is too small to fully appreciate each piqued pec & washboard ab? Then click here for the larger version. (Ladies, don’t say we’ve never done anything for you.)

Jeff Reed must be very proud. (Well, he would be if he wasn’t a Tar Heel alum.)