Duke fan injured by falling goalpost during win celebration

DUKE FAN DINGED BY FALLING GOALPOST AFTER BIG WIN: This is what happens when you’re not used to winning: During a post-game celebration, a Duke fan was injured when a goalpost fell on her:

Goalpost pepper spray hose

The DUKE CHRONICLE reports that fans rushed Wallace Wade Stadium when the Blue Devils beat Northwestern 20-14 Saturday night, ending a 22-game losing streak. Thing is, the game was played at Ryan Field in Evanston, IL.

Not to be deterred by a technicality, about 20 students ran to the empty field, but were stopped by a university police officer. However, a few minutes and hundreds of added revelers later, the group rushed again and succeeded in getting down a goalpost.

Duke football wins

After carrying the fallen football arches around campus, the crowd brought it in front of the Duke Chapel. Some of the throng tried to stand it up, but the post fell back down - striking sophomore Priya Patel on the head.

Patel was carried by stretcher into a waiting ambulance, as the celebration suddenly turned somber. But forutnately, she was released from the hospital the next morning, stating that she felt fine.

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An officer commented on the accident, “I can say, a few people were drunk, and that’s all you needed.”

Keep in mind this was Northwestern they vanquished. Imagine the fatalities had it been Ohio State. Or Penn State. Or Michig…er, maybe not.