DUI Motorized Chair Brings In Bucks For MN Town

Check out the souped-up motorized recliner below:

DUI motorized chair recliner

So, how much would you pay for such customized comfort? $100? $200? $43,500? And what if I told you that there’s a criminal story behind the self-propelled seat?

The MINNEPOLIS STAR-TRIBUNE reports that the police department of the town of Proctor had recently put the chair up for auction on eBay. And it came with its own law-breaking background: this chair was seized when the cops caught the owner driving it while drunk.

So police put the chair up for bids in an effort to help fill up the city coffers, and also put up video of the racing recliner in action:

Bidding amounts for the recliner reached up to $43,500, but then the item was suddenly removed off eBay. Why?

The eBay listing for the customized chair, complete with stereo, cup holder and lights, was yanked off the site unexpectedly last week because the recliner on wheels was referred to as a “La-Z-Boy,” when in fact it’s not. So Proctor police relisted it earlier this week, minus the La-Z-Boy reference, and the bidding began all over again.

However, without the La-Z-Boy connection, the relisted chair didn’t bring in the numbers it did previously, with the winning bid topping at $10,099.

Still, Proctor police chief Walter Wobig isn’t bemoaning the loss of $30,000 toward his town:

“We’re going to live with that and move on. It’s not the end of the world,” Wobig said. “As the police chief here, I have bigger and better things to move on with than a motorized chair.”

Such as heading off any potential lawsuits from the La-Z-Boy corporation.