Duffers Beware: Bad Shot Worth $1100 Fine

Who says golf isn’t a contact sport? A man whose terrible golf shot injured his caddy has been fined $1100. You get the feeling this might not have happened if he had tipped his caddy a little better.

Injured Caddy

The South Korean Supreme Court, which ruled that the golfer “had violated the duty of due care to prevent injury to others while playing a sport.” Going all the way to the Supreme Court seems a little much when the man is embarrassed enough for hitting a golf shot that somehow managed to hit his caddy, standing 25 feet behind him.

The caddy was struck in the stomach and had to spend seven weeks in the hospital.

“In events such as boxing or judo, injury to the opponent is to be expected so there is that mitigating circumstance,” the court said.

“But in golf, it is unreasonable to expect a caddy should anticipate injury to him or herself.”

 ”That was a really awful shot, and you deserve to be made fun of on the internet,” the court did not add.