Ducks GM, Sore Loser, Hits Reporter With Chair

If you think you’re pissed when your team is knocked out of the playoffs, try actually being the guy responsible for putting the team together. But while you might have been forgiven for hurling your remote at the TV when the Ducks lost a painful game 7, one would expect Anaheim GM Bob Murray to display a little more composure.

Bob Murray

Murray is accused of hitting a working journalist with a chair on Thursday night after the Red Wings eliminated his Ducks.  Apparently she violated the first rule of the press box: there is no cheering in the press box. She deserved what she got.

Murray went after Rachel Paris, a 55-year-old producer who was working the game, but cheering for Detroit at the same time. That’s a big no-no for ethical reasons, but is just downright stupid when the GM of the other team is in the room with you.

Murray allegedly picked up a high bar stool and hit Paris in the chest, arm and shoulder area. She was treated by first aid, and both were interviewed by Detroit police, though she declined to press charges.

“I was taken to the boards by Bob Murray and survived the hit. I felt like I was cross-checked and I didn’t even have the puck,” said Paris.

Lady, Bob Murray racked up 871 penalty minutes as an All-Star defenseman. You’re lucky to be alive.