Drunk Virginia Tech WR Blames Beamer For Arrest

When Virginia Tech wide receiver Ike Whitaker got busted for public intoxication last Friday after blowing a .33 on the ol’ Blood Alcohol Meter, he did what any reasonable young collegiate athlete would do: He blamed his coach.

Frank Beamer

(Beamer, picking out the next life he wants to ruin)

Apparently, Whitaker blames his drunken escapade on the fact that he was self-medicating after Frank Beamer suspended him for missing a morning practice. Beamer suggested that Whitaker transfer to another school if he wanted to play during his final year of eligibility, but Whitaker should make no mistake about, he wouldn’t be played for the Hokies again that year.

In response, Whitaker turned back to the bottle.

THE COLLEGIATE TIMES [via Fanhouse] has the money quotes:

Whitaker left the meeting with Beamer in a tailspin. The following Thursday night Whitaker went downtown to Oge Chi’s on Draper Road to let out some steam and have fun with some friends after the week’s tumultuous events. He wasn’t looking to get in to any trouble, he said, but he ended the night in handcuffs.

“Half the reason I was down there is because I was suspended. And I feel like I wasn’t supposed to get suspended,” Whitaker said. “I’m not selling drugs, shooting nobody, killing nobody, carrying guns; I’m not doing any of that. And for me to get suspended for missing a meeting is crazy.”

Whitaker said the Blacksburg policemen who arrested him, including Officer Hayes, who was listed on the arrest record, knew he had been suspended.

“I don’t think I was being wild (or) rude to anybody downtown,” Whitaker said. “But I knew the cops know I was suspended. They were talking about it. I was talking to the cops, explaining to them how hurt I was that I had been suspended … So I’m explaining to the cop that honestly I’m mad, I’m frustrated and the way I dealt with it was going downtown with some of my friends and trying to enjoy myself as much as possible. And then I got a drunk in public.”

It’s tough to say whether or not Whitaker’s right in placing his blame on Beamer’s doorstep. It’s not like the V-Tech coach has an immaculate record when it comes to choosing his quarterbacks. Everyone knows the past indiscretions of the Brothers Vick, but Whitaker actually lined up behind center before turning into a receiver.

Add to that the fact that Whitaker is an admitted alcoholic - this “story of redemption” isn’t as fun now in retrospect - and, while it might not be fair to suggest that Beamer is to blame for this, you do have to wonder if Beamer could have handled delivering the news better. Maybe by not suggesting Whitaker get hammered to take his mind off the suspension.