English Soccer Fan Shot For Singing in Kyrgyzstan

With the NBA Finals kicking off and the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals continuing this evening, let’s take a minute and revisit some basic tenets of sportsmanship. Team and city rivalries can get pretty heated from time to time, and the last thing we want to have happen is for, say, a Penguins fan to get stabbed in the eye with an octopus or a Lakers fan to be smothered by… oh, I don’t know, Mickey Mouse or something else near and dear to the fine folks of Central Florida.


 (Pictured: Kazakh National Soccer Team)

While no one’s saying you actually have to be FRIENDS with the fans of your team’s hated rivals, a little decorum isn’t too much to ask, now is it? After all, this is America, not Kyrgyzstan (Gesundheit), where sports rivalries don’t just end up in heated words…they’ll get you shot. Yep, we’ve got another entry in the crazy soccer fan logbook!

An English football (soc-cer) supporter had followed his team to Eurasia for a date with glorious Kazakhstan. (Wonder if he’s smuggling along a fake Borat?) He was sitting in a Kyrgyz (Kyrgyzstani? Kyrgyzstanish?) bar, probably just quietly minding his own business as all international soccer fans do, when all hell broke loose:

The supporter was wounded by a rival fan while drinking in a bar in neighbouring Kyrgyzstan on Tuesday. A local in the bar told him and his friends to stop singing and shot him in the thigh with a pistol when they carried on.

The man in his thirties was taken to hospital and has since been released after having the bullet removed. The fan from Rochdale, Lancashire, was reported to be recovering well and is back with his friends.

Of course he is. Soccer fans don’t let little things like gunshot wounds get in they way of their soccer hooliganism. I bet he’s a little better-behaved in bars. Don’t let this be you, hockey and basketball fans. Just because a drunk Red Wings fan won’t stop belting out “Don’t Stop Believing” doesn’t give you the green light to cap his ass. Besides, if he’s from Detroit there’s a good chance he’s packing, too.