Drunk Cardinal Chicks vs. Wheelchair Bound Usher

I’m not here to make some sort of claim that all St. Louis Cardinals fans are lunatic drunkards. Wait, yes I am. But the point of this post is these two particular drunkards below.

Matarazzi, McClure

(Stay classy, ladies)

Meet Bridget Matarazzi and Laura McClure, two fun-lovin’ 25-year-old gals who may have had a little too much booze and merriment on Saturday at Busch Stadium. How much booze? Matarazzi was arrested and accused of pushing an elderly usher out of his wheelchair. Just think: Sometime in the future, some kid is going to run across the photo above and say, “Mom?”

It appears that Matarazzi was also charged with Abuse of Lipstick. From ST. LOUIS TODAY:

Bridget Matarazzi, 25, of the 6500 block of Bradley Avenue, was charged with third-degree assault for allegedly trying to push the usher from his wheelchair when he approached her at a game on Saturday evening to talk to her about her drunkenness, police said.

She had taught social studies and language arts to students in the sixth, seventh and eighth grades for the St. Margaret of Scotland Catholic school, a statement from the Archdiocese of St. Louis said.

Yes indeed, a Catholic school teacher. McClure, who was attending the game with Matarazzi, was arrested for “repeatedly hitting a stadium alcohol compliance manager.” Nice.

A warning is hereby issued to Splash, the mascot of the Stockton Ports. Be on the lookout for these fun women.


(Oh no, not Splash! Look out!)