Dropped Starter Jonathan Sanchez Gets No-Hitter

Having an overshadowed young pitcher throw a no-hitter is always a good story. After all, it very well may be the best story they author up as a professional. That case was even more pronounced on Friday night for Jonathan Sanchez, who only got to start because Randy Johnson was on the disabled list … and whose Dad Sigfrido Sanchez flew in from Puerto Rico to get a glimpse of his son when he got the ball to start a game, watching him pitch for the first time.

Giants Jonathan Sanchez

Sanchez the younger finished with a season-high 11 strikeouts in his no-no against the Padres, and finished one runner away from a perfect game when Juan Uribe’s error allowed a runner to reach base. So much for the control problems and rampant walks, huh?

For the Giants, the no-hitter is a welcome reprieve from disappointment over Pedro “Kung Fu Panda” Sandoval getting jobbed out of an All-Star spot. That’s dominated the team’s media spotlight and then some. It’s also an encouraging sign that maybe, just maybe there’s a spot for Sanchez in the Giants’ rotation, or, barring that, on the rotation of another team after a trade that would bring a decent haul back to San Francisco.

“This is the first time he has seen me pitch. This is a gift for him,” Sanchez said. “I feel awesome.”

As you should, Jonathan. Why don’t you go back and watch the start out-by-out. Might help with future game plans, because that one was pretty good. Now go do that three or four more times, and you’ll really have a career on your hands. Maybe you should start making future travel plans for your Dad while you’re at it.

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