Boozing it up w/Bud Benefits the Rainbow Warriors

• Drinking beer helps support Hawaii athletics. Booze it up for the ‘Bows!

Hawaii Warriors mascot Pipeline Porter beer

T.O. would happily welcome Jessica Simpson back to Cowboys games.

James Posey’s hustle to the Hornets made for an uncomfortable Celtics DVD screening. But at least he kept his pants on.

Quinton Jackson goes on two Rampages in just one week.

• Is the broadcasting world ready for a 24-hour Cubs channel?

Phil Mickelson is not off to a good start at the British Open.

• An Oklahoma women’s basketball player tries to swipe some make-up from Wal-Mart without paying. Unfortunately for Sooners fans, this is not a Husker hoax.

• Oh my God, the Reds are selling radio ad space to the Creation Museum.

• A boxer needs to undergo emergency brain surgery after collapsing during his ESPN-televised fight.

Brett Favre’s return to Green Bay could net the QB a $25,000 shopping spree.