Drinking 50 Red Bulls A Day Just Isn’t Healthy

The bizarre tale of former soccer star Paul Gascoigne’s detention under the Mental Health Act took an even stranger turn if we are to believe a report in THE SUN.

Gazza, as they call him, apparently hasn’t just struggled with life after sports; rather, he’s also struggled with how to not drink 50 Red Bulls every day.

“Gazza — who has been sectioned under the Mental Health Act — was downing 50 cans of the energy drink every DAY. So he checked into a 4,000-a-week rehab clinic in America for a month. The ex-England ace confessed to the bizarre addiction during late-night chats with a hotel worker at the Marriott in Gateshead. He was there until the end of last month, when he was kicked out because staff were concerned at the amount he was drinking.”

THE SUN also includes a highly amusing warning from someone who is apparently the news organization’s doctor, warning people that consuming that much of the energy drink is bad for you. I just don’t know about that. The next time Brooks asks me to do 800 posts in one day, I’m going to totally give it a shot.