Dreamboat Brady Hearts Coldplay And Vice Versa

This sounds about right: The galaxy’s dreamiest quarterback, Tom Brady, is a HUGE Coldplay fan. And after a late New England Patriots practice on Monday, Brady and ladyfriend Gisele Bundchen made their way to the building formerly known as the Boston Garden to take in a show.

Tom Brady and Gisele

According to THE TRACK, Brady missed Tuesday’s practice. Although, if I had to guess, it probably had less to do with downing too many Zimas at the previous night’s concert, and more to do with resting his arm in preparation for the regular season.

In any event, Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin dedicated a song to the Patriots signal caller, which somehow seems fitting:

“I don’t want to do this really because it’s cheesy . . . but we’re great fans of his and he’s probably left the building anyway,” said the Coldplay frontman. “We’d like to dedicate this to Tom Brady - your quarterback. We’re big fans of his and very honored he came to the show, and I hope to goodness it was worth it.”

Good Lord, Bradymania has made its way across the Atlantic! There is good news for Martin, though - for once, he wasn’t the biggest pansy in the building. So there’s that.

And for those interested in such things, other very important people of note in the audience: Gwyneth Paltrow and her mom, Blythe Danner; Steven Spielberg and wife, Kate Capshaw; Jerry Seinfeld and wife, Jessica; and Kate Bosworth.