Dratted Credit Crunch Finally Extending To SbB

SportingNews.com today has an interview with Erin Andrews. The headline for the piece blares: “Erin Andrews Talks Video Games, Says She Isn’t Leaving For Hollywood.

Erin Andrews Will She Bolt For Hollywood?

(SbB Post on Oct. 24)

Wot?! Andrews might be leaving for Hollywood? Whoever suggested that? … Why, let me look:

Erin Andrews

The SportingNews.com interview cites only a Sports Biz Daily Q & A last month about the possibility she’ll move to entertainment reporting. Andrews response:

Erin Andrews Will She Bolt For Hollywood?

The Sports Biz Daily piece cited in the question, which is behind a subscription curtain and was likely read by a precious few, had Andrews saying, “I’m enjoying right now where I am on the sidelines. I like being part of the action. A lot of people bring up to me maybe entertainment, maybe studio and I’m never going to turn up my nose at any of that stuff but I think the one thing for me is I love being a part of the drama.

Yet Andrews said there was a “whole thing on the internet” about her going to Hollywood?

Now, where do you suppose that came from? Along with the Sporting News followup?

The Sports Business Daily Q & A?

Yeah, has to be.

UPDATE: Kudos to AA, which did pick up our post back in October.

UPDATE: Email to me from Chris Littman, who did the interview for SportingNews.com:

Brooks –

I wanted to e-mail you directly, because I wasn’t sure if your form on your site goes to your inbox, or something else you wouldn’t see for a while, but I’m trying to wrap my head around how you’ve been wronged by me. First, a few facts to clear things up:

1. SportsBusiness Daily is a sister publication of Sporting News — in the same building in Charlotte.
2. Almost all of us that work for SN get SBD in our e-mail daily. I’m one of those people, and I read the interview and had it forwarded to me about a dozen times by co-workers.
3. I conducted an original interview of my own on Monday afternoon with Erin Andrews in which I referenced an interview I read from SBD.
4. I did a post about said interview, and highlighted this part of it.

So … can you explain to me why you felt the need to blast me on Fark and on your own site? I’ve been busting my ass to get this blog FirstCuts going, and with all due respect man, after a long day, the last thing I want is someone telling me I’ve ripped them off when I clearly haven’t. It was uncalled for, particularly what ended up on Fark.

I hope this clears up any misunderstanding, and if you have another question about how the whole situation went down, please feel free to let me know.

Take care,

Chris Littmann