Drafting with the Ladies…

We, the ladies of Ladies… are excited to be spending NFL Draft Weekend with you. To get started, we will take a look at draft day essentials.

(Quinn or Russell, indeed.)

This is a long weekend - sixteen hours of listening to middle-aged men fawn over men in their young twenties. Can you handle it, Mr. or Ms. Football Fan? What about you, Mr. General Manager? (Unfortunately, only Mr. as of right now. One day…) Are you ready for the stresses of picking players for your team, not to mention, picking the appropriate snacks for your war room? Worry not, friends. The Ladies are here to help you through the draft weekend.

Provisions: this is a huge sports weekend. In addition to the draft, you can catch up on the playoffs for either hockey or basketball, myriad baseball games, various college sports, and my favorite, the senior nationals for greco-roman and freestyle wrestling. (Ok, maybe I’m the only one who cares about this.) What I am saying is that you are going to want to stay glued to your couch. Keep snacks nearby - and go with ones you will want to eat all day. I am going with Trader Joe’s pita chips with sea salt, pretzels, and Sharon’s raspberry sorbet.

Linemen: The biggest difference between the best teams in the NFL and the worst teams? The line. It’s not rocket science: offenses that rack up a lot of yards tend to score more, and defenses that can stop the other team from gaining yards tend to win games. I know - I’m a genius for figuring this out. It’s no surprise, then, that the worst teams in the draft are likely to pick linemen. Jake Long is already locked up with the Dolphins, and considering their one win last year, he can only help. The Dolphins are not the only team needing help in the front, as six-eight linemen are projected to go in the first round. I hope that my Bears realize their glaring weaknesses on the line, and do something about it.

Beer: Once football season is over, there aren’t nearly enough reasons to sit around and drink all day. Take advantage of this weekend - and drink. Lots. My choice is Goose Island 312. I like a good wheat beer, and 312 is the best, though I wouldn’t mind a Boulevard.

A guy who will sit forever in the green room: Say what you will about Brady Quinn, but you had to feel a little bad for the kid when the Dolphins passed him over, and he sat around until the Browns finally picked him up. This year, the NFL invited Glenn Dorsey, Vernon Gholston, Chris Long, Jake Long, Darren McFadden, and Matt Ryan. J. Long will already be up on the podium, but as for the others, I think that Gholston and McFadden are most likely to be sitting around the longest, furiously typing on their Blackberries while trying to avoid the camera that is four inches from their faces. Gholston has been described as high risk-high reward; those aren’t words that inspire confidence. Though McFadden is probably the most talented player in the draft, he doesn’t fit well with many of the teams who have top draft picks.

A Multimedia Extravaganza: So much good news for a geek like me, who wants to watch the draft, check old clips of the player on YouTube, read up on his stats, and vote in a poll that says “BOOOOOOOOOOO” or “YEEEEAAAHHHH!” You can catch the draft on both ESPN and the NFL Network, (I am one of the five people who get it), and you can spend all day right here at SportsbyBrooks. We will be liveblogging the ENTIRE draft, and what’s better, you can join in with us! Join us for the entire weekend that gives Mel Kiper a reason to live.


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