Dr. J Should Wear Nametag & Championship Ring

When we were growing up, we saw this ad in all the comic books:

Spalding ad with Rick Barry and Dr. J

(We’re hopelessly old. Shut it.)
We weren’t quite sure yet who this Dr. J was and who his fine sidekick with the jumper might be, but we knew we needed a Spalding rubber ball. When we got one, we needed Dr J. to shoot it for us, too, but he didn’t come in the box.* (Note that Rick says, “You don’t need magic.” He didn’t come in the box, either.**)However, Julius Erving may want to staple a copy of that ad to his lapel when he heads out on the town to avoid having a couple approach him at a Finals party in LA, thrilled to finally get their picture taken with Bill Russell. As you can imagine, Erving took it all in good spirits. (No, not really.)Maybe Dr. J was pissy about being seen as closer to 75 than 60. Perhaps he’s tired of having his measly single ring mocked by Russell’s bucketful. Still, he reportedly told the couple as they excitedly blurted out the wrong name just before the photo, “…go get your damn picture taken with Bill Russell!”

We agree. Why should they settle for Dr. J?

*May not be true
**Rather beside the point