Doug Collins Not A Friend To Frequent Flyers

• SPORTS HERNIA picked the wrong week to stop sniffing glue, as they’re worried if frequent flyer Doug Collins will ever get over Macho Grande:

Doug Collins in Airplane!

Remember, Doug - win one for the Zipper!

• THE GHOST OF WAYNE FONTES looks back at the golden year that was 1991, when the Golden State Warriors weren’t just a feel-good story, and the Detroit Lions had Sanders and no Millen (and a playoff victory!).

• Snitched out by BIG MONEY, NO WHAMMIES, Edgerrin James proudly proclaims the new Cardinals weight room has “that prison yard feel“, which he says is “great for team chemistry.

As an ex-Miami Hurricane, he should feel right at home.

• THE BIG LEAD has something in their eye as they tearfully present photos from the holy union of A.J. Hawk and Brady Quinn’s sister.

• I DISLIKE YOUR FAVORITE TEAM lights up the fiery Ned Yost as the spark igniting the flames of the Brewers’ recent success, as seen by his blow-up after a called 3rd strike:

Brewers Manage Ned Yost arguing with umpire

• SPORTS FROG puts on a happy face with a big grin as they search for baseball’s friendliest player.

• SLUSHY GUTTER tries to repress some memories, since the Big Unit reminds them of their junior high shop teacher.

• THE DEUCE OF DAVENPORT reveals the Washington Nationals might be good for something after all, as the team is proposing to donate some of their ticket sales to the D.C. school system.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS notes the faculty of San Diego State are starting to question the annual ‘one-time funding’ the school is re-routing to their athletic department.

• SHOT TO NOTHING finds a cool ad featuring British racer Lewis Hamilton.