Dookie Gets Minor League Mascot Dog Tossed

I’m making a list of people who hate dogs. For obvious reasons, Michael Vick is still at the top of the list, but minor league baseball umpire Jeff Hutchings is climbing up the ranks. Why? Because, as WFMY-TV says, Hutchings likely became the first umpire in baseball history to eject a dog form a game, as he sent the Greensboro Grasshoppers’ mascot/”ball dog” Master Yogi Berra to hit the dog groomers after an incident in the fourth inning of their game against Asheville on Tuesday.


And the reason for Hutchings’ rage at the dog? He didn’t pull an Uga and try to bite an opposing player, and he didn’t even try to hump second base. His crime? Doing what dogs do naturally and emptying his bowels. Unfortunately for Master Yogi Berra, it happened to be in the middle of the field in between innings, which peeved Hutchings. But fortunately for us, BUSTED COVERAGE was able to track down video of Doo Doo Gate, which is after the dump … er, jump:

I like the fact that the trainers tried to send him back out for another shift after he’d besmirched the field. I guess they thought the odds of that happening twice in a row were slim to none. Afterward, team officials said that Master Yogi Berra was suffering from flu-like symptoms, meaning that he probably had a heavy night of drinking with Scooby-Doo and Rin Tin Tin the night before.

But amazingly, BUSTED COVERAGE also found out that this wasn’t the first time that the Grasshoppers have had problems with dogs using their field as a personal toilet. Apparently last season a “bat dog” named Babe did the exact same thing during a game, but avoided getting tossed. To be fair, the dog’s namesake Babe Ruth probably dropped a deuce on the field at least a half dozen times in any given season.

I’m just hope that minor league baseball managers don’t hear about this and decide to incorporate it into their post-ejection tirade. I can handle Joe Mikulik pouring a whole bottle of water onto home plate. I don’t need him to empty the contents of his stomach onto home plate as well.