Don’t Worry, Spain - Argentina’s Offensive, Too

Argentinians are a considerate people. Seeing the flak Spain’s basketball teams were taking for their cheeky, oh-so-endearing slit-eyed photo, the Argentinian women’s soccer team stepped in, scoring one for global consciousness everywhere — by doing exact same thing.

Via WITH LEATHER comes the LONDON TELEGRAPH’S story about the Argentinian geniuses in charge of this outreach method. Of course, because one country’s lame bigotry is another country’s hilarious schtick, the Argentinians will likely receive the same treatment as their Spanish cohorts:

The rows sparked by the photos have highlighted how standards about the acceptability of racial stereotyping vary widely between countries, even in the West. Much of the criticism of the Spanish teams has come from the English-speaking blogosphere, prompting some complaints from Spain about alleged Anglo-Saxon hostility to Madrid’s 2016 Olympic bid. The players involved in the photos have expressed their shock that others may find them offensive. Pau Gasol, one of the Spanish basketballers, said it was “absurd” to consider the gesture racist.

The problem with the relative explanation is that there’s no other way to take these things. No matter what hemisphere you come from, it’s weird and racist and, above all, dumb, and no Olympic federation worth its salt should condone such nonsense. Are billions of Chinese people offended? Maybe. Maybe not. Are the Olympics slightly more dumb and reductive for it? Absolutely yes.