Don’t Riot For Me, Argentina: Match Abandoned

Just a quick note to those American sports fans who feel like their gameday experiences are marred because of a lack of civility from their fellow fan: Shut the f*ck up. American sports fans are the most docile on the planet, and whenever that fact seems to fade even one bit from your consciousness, the rest of the planet is all too eager to remind you how they do, usually via riot.

Argentina riot people
(When these guys show up, it’s probably a good sign that the match is over.)

Your latest foray into “Good heavens, a policeman, let’s shower him with debris” behavior comes from Argentina, where Godoy Cruz and San Martin were squaring off in a Clausura match* on Thursday. The score was 1-1 late in the first half, so the fans began to get unruly, since no soccer match has ever featured two goals in one half in the entire history of the sport.** The police were unamused. Via 101 GREAT GOALS, video is after the break.

According to reports, a battle developed between Godoy Cruz hooligans and the police during halftime, that lead to rubber bullets being fired and and tear gas being set off.

The second half began on schedule, but play was soon halted when the police informed referee Diego Abal that they could not guarantee the security of players and officials in the stadium.

Amazingly, the problem is so common in Argentina that there are already league rules to discourage this behavior: the home team, Godoy Cruz, will probably be penalized. Their manager, Diego Cocca, lamented the violence via press statement:

“This is very sad and people must understand that this kind of event can affect our fight to avoid relegation.”

Yeah; the team’s status within the league is at stake here, and the fans still went Captain Insane-O on the police. That is dedication to dickitude. So just think about that next time your blood pressure rises just because the guy in front of you at the local college basketball game won’t sit down or something. It could be so much worse.

*A term for the second soccer season of the year, basically.
**Only kind of kidding