Don’t Have Favorite PGA Tour Golfer? You Do Now

Until recently, three-time PGA Tour tournament winner Ben Crane was best known - at least to the general public - as one of two PGAers who was misquoted criticizing the alt-lifestyle of Tiger Woods late last year. Crane’s also notorious amongst his golfing peers and media for being an excruciatingly slow player.

Ben Crane Workout Video

Though we’ve learned in the last week that unlike most PGA Tour pros, Crane isn’t satisfied with that unremarkable public profile and has set out to do something about it.

Crane recently posted this comedic video of himself “working out” on his official website:

The video, infinitely more amusing than 99% of the so-called comedic pieces on various video websites, has gone viral in the golf community thanks to unanimous positive response from the golf media.

You may also be happy to know that Crane, who won twice on Tour this year, says he’s got more such productions “in the pipeline.”

If he keeps killing it on the course and off, his cinematic sidelight may snag him a lot more endorsements - and fans - than anyone once thought possible.