Don’t Get Excited, He’s Not Leaving Anytime Soon

Terry Bradshaw's Bitter Beer FaceThe NEW YORK POST today splashes “exclusive” next to a headline that reads “TERRY BRADSHAW SET TO RETIRE“.

One small detail. He’s not leaving after this season. Nor after next season. Or the Season after that.

He’s retiring when his contract expires after the 2011 season. Done laughing?

Does this sound a little attention-whorish on Bradshaw’s part? Or is the NYP manufacturing breaking news that is actually rather deflating (now, they would never do that).

The only thing mildy interesting thing in the piece is Bradshaw suggesting that Michael Strahan could replace him. But that probably won’t happen, since we doubt Strahan is going to put his life in suspended animation with the off-chance that he could get to rub elbows with Curt Menefee in four years.