Don’t Be SOL Sad Sack Ticketless At The Stadium

Like most of you, this first big football weekend for me is going to be spent in front of the tube and at the stadium. And thankfully, when I’m at the ballpark, I won’t be one of those sad sacks you walk past as you go into the stadium - hopelessly trying to score last-second seats for their drunk stray buddy or family member. Man that sucks. 888 288-9338 Buys And Sells Tickets Concerts Sports Theater

On Labor Day, I’m going to the UCLA-Tennessee game, and will be live blogging for SbB (with a SbB Girl in tow - be sure and check out the pix!). Now the only reason I could get good seats (Row 21!) to that intriguing game at the Rose Bowl on the cheap?

Ya, My Boy Barry. (Yes, I BOUGHT them, friends.)

My Boy Barry (Barry Rudin, the largest ticket broker on the West Coast) buys and sells tickets to concerts, theatre shows - and anything you need nationwide. And just so you know, I bought tickets from My Boy Barry dozens of times before he became a SbB sponsor.

If you want painless, easy seats without getting gouged outside the stadium, is the bookmark. Or call 888 820 8499. Add My Boy Barry to your cell and you’ll never miss the game again. Do it now, Do it live!