Blog-A-Rhythm: Don’t Be Dissin’ Ozzie’s Rap Skillz

Rick Morrissey of the CHICAGO TRIBUNE learns that you can insult Ozzie Guillen’s managerial decisions, but you better not e-mail him criticisms of his commercial rappin’ skillz.

Ozzie Guillen choke sign

• The NEW YORK DAILY NEWS has the sad story of Bronx high school basketball player dying after collapsing during a pickup game.

• The LA TIMES tells us we can snatch up Carson Palmer’s Laguna Beach home for just under $3 million. But if this view isn’t included, we’ll decline.

• ESPN’s Bill Williamson hikes up Brett Favre’s chances of playing with each of the 32 NFL teams. Wonder where he got that idea.

• Meanwhile, Jean-Jacques Taylor of the DALLAS MORNING NEWS says Cowboys fans should be happy if Favre returns to the Packers.

• Still reveling in Boston’s first NBA title in 22 years, SMALL WHITE BALL isn’t afraid to revisit the bad times with 10 Celtics from the ’90s you probably forgot about.

• As for the present, BLAZERS BEHIND THE BEAT dribbles up news that Darius Miles had an “impressive workout” with the Celts - which could count against the Blazers’ salary cap.

• In honor of Wimbledon, UNCOACHED serves up a set of classic John McEnroe tantrums.