RALPH: Buffalo Bills Interested In Weis As Coach?

After suffering through yet another mediocre season, Bills fans woke up to a WIVB-TV report this morning that their team was reportedly interested in hiring Charlie Weis as head coach.

Charlie Weis

(Ron Prince unavailable?)

Sources tell News 4 Sports that Charlie Weis has been contacted by the Buffalo Bills, to see if he’s interested in becoming head coach.

Sources tell us the Bills made a back-channel approach to Weis in recent weeks to see if he’s interested in the job. And the sources say Weis is interested. So far, it’s not believed that the two sides have had a formal discussion about the Bills coaching job.

Of course he’s interested. What other team would hire him as a head coach?

We’ve seen too many times college football coaches attempt to make the move to the pros, only to fail miserably. Now perhaps Weis will soon be walking in the footsteps of Jim Caldwell, who failed miserably at Wake Forest before a promotion to head coach of the Colts. After last night, how’s that working out for Colts players and fans?

I know Weis had a modicum of success in New England as offensive coordinator and his sensibilities are probably better tuned to the pro game - as an assistant shielded from the media.

After his inherited players departed at ND, Weis as a head coach, showed no ability to rally his team on the field. Though theNFL game and players are indeed different, I can’t imagine his result would change with roster-impaired Buffalo.