Don’t Be “I’ll Take My Chances At The Game” Guy

Don’t be that guy. You know, the disheveled, sweating “I need two” guy you chuckle at as you go into the stadium. Dont embarrass yourself, friends and family. Don’t be the “I’ll take my chances before the game” guy who ends up listening to that same game in the car (while your gfriend does a slow burn).

Please, for all that is holy, don’t put yourself through that. Call My Boy Barry at 888 820 8499 for affordable football tickets - and a 5% discount (use the code SbB010).

Brooks with SbB Girls at the game thanks to My Boy Barry!

(Musta been the concert tee)

My Boy Barry this season has already got me on the 50-yard-line, 20 rows up at the UCLA-Tennessee game. And great seats to the Ohio State-USC game in the Coliseum (after I called him one day before the game). Yes, it can be done.

My Boy Barry also buys and sells tickets to virtually every major sporting event, concert and theatre show. And just so you know, I bought tickets from My Boy Barry dozens of times before he became a SbB sponsor.

So don’t panic: for quick, easy, affordable football tix, is the bookmark. Or call 888 820 8499.