Donate Spare Favre Jerseys To Minny’s Homeless

The addition of one Brett Favre to the roster of the Minnesota Vikings has caused much hubbub across the land in recent days; it’s hard to find anyone not named Peter King or nicknamed Chilly who thinks this is all going to end well for either the Vikings or their fans (Favre, of course, will make out like a bandit regardless). Hell, even Favre’s new teammates are less-than-enthusiastic about their new gunslingin’ and interceptin’ QB.

Brett Favre new Jets jersey

(Area homeless man receives Favre jersey.)

And while we’re enjoying a bit of Schadenfreude at the whole enterprise, poor Packer fans are beside themselves. It’s not just that their once-beloved hero is playing for a rival team. No, the real problem is that Wisconsinites have spent millions of dollars on Favre merchandise and paraphenalia over the years. What to do now with it all? Cheeseheads might be tempted to send it all up in flames, but a couple of sports radio guys (”the Wisconsin Guys,” to be exact)  in Madison have a better idea. Give it all to the homeless!

On the face of it, this seems like a win-win plan. Homeless people get much-needed clean clothes, angry Packer fans get rid of the Favre crap taunting them passively from the closet, and the world becomes a better place.


So, how do you get rid of that old Brett Favre jersey, hat, sweatshirt, etc…?

There is no need to blow it up, light it on fire, run it over, shred it, or any of the other pretty good ideas you may have.  If you give it to us, we’ll put your name in a drawing to win tix to see Benedict Favre take on the Packers at Lambeau Field on Sunday, November 1st.

We will be taking those used but now useless clothing items to Minneapolis just prior to the Green Bay/Vikings Monday Night Football game on October 5th and we’ll be giving them to a Twin Cities homeless shelter.  See, they don’t have to go to waste!

You will be able to drop them off at the station (map) between 8a and 5p, Monday through Friday…or at any of our upcoming Wisconsin Guy Tour stops:

(all times are from 3p-6p)

Mojo’s in Waunakee 08-21
Reverend Jim’s – Stoughton 08/28
JB’s Italian Grill- Sun Prairie – 09/04
Tilted Kilt – Madison   – 09/11

Genius. Only in a friendly fantasyland like Madison, Wisconsin does revenge come in the form of charitable donations. On a side note, hey look there’s a freakin’ Tilted Kilt in Madison now, less than a mile from my old office. I’m kinda jealous; I always said West Towne Mall suffered from a lack of faux-Irish boobs n’ beer. Now what were we talking about again? Oh, right - bums in Favre jerseys. How fitting indeed.