Donald Sterling Pays For Sex And For Homeless To Remain In Downtown Los Angeles

CLIPS AREN’T ONLY DISENFRANCHISED IN DOWNTOWN L.A.: So if you don’t live in L.A., you may be unaware that downtown Los Angeles is home to the largest homeless population in the United States. But the city is presently doing all it can to reduce the massive number of centralized, disenfranchised individuals - and making good progress.

Skid Row

So leave it to the former Donald Tokowitz (that’s Donald Sterling, L.A. Clippers Owner), noted purveyor of prostitutes, and SoCal slum lord to do all he can to ensure that Skid Row remains a fixture in our fair city.

Donald Sterling Homeless Center

Sterling recently closed on a 65,000 square foot lot downtown across from a police station and near Skid Row with the intention of making the facility a full-service center for the homeless (thus eternally enabling the lifestyle in nearby environs).

But the story gets even better, as the LOS ANGELES TIMES reported last year that one of the major backers of the project is arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi, the notorious billionaire Saudi businessman who was most-recently accused of multi-million dollar, fraudulent stock manipulation.

Donald Sterling

Understandably, most local politicians and city officials are backing away from being associated with Sterling’s plans. Especially considering that many locals think Sterling purchased the property with the mere intention of selling it during the next hot real estate cycle (no?!).

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

Now if only he would take the same tact with the Clippers.