Donald Sterling Goes Unnoticed On Venice Beach Boardwalk

• ANONYMONITY SUITS PAY-FOR-SEX L.A. CLIPS OWNER: We’ve been walking the Venice Beach boardwalk daily for some time now, and in all those years down there, we’ve never seen ANYONE wearing a suit. Let alone a black suit-black shirt ensemble in the middle of summer.

Donald Sterling

That changed Saturday when we observed Donald Sterling in the middle of freak central, strolling through thousands of unwashed commoners in a black pinstriped suit - accompanied by a 30-something paid companion friend. And we’re happy to report that not a single soul recognized him.

Donald Sterling Empty Seats

And what are we thinking?! Those of you outside the 213 area code probably don’t know who the hell we’re talking about either. Just think Jerry Buss (septuagenarian strip club purveyor) without the rings.

• We think we know why Curt Schilling is sandbagging the season. Apparently the Red Sox blogger (38 PITCHES) now has some serious competition on the web.

Manny Ramirez Wine

Presenting Manny Ramirez’s 24 homers!

• Michael Hiestand of USA TODAY for some reason kept the sound on during The Open - and he was rewarded by finding out how Nick gets his kicks: “when the leaderboard tightened and (ABC-TV) analyst Nick Faldo used an analogy you’ll probably never hear from him when he’s an analyst on CBS’ coverage of The Masters:

Nick Faldo

‘This is like the first time of a camping trip with your girlfriend — the excitement is intense.’

• We’d like to be the first folks to welcome Fox Sports Radio to 2007. Apparently the programming and marketing geniuses at the network think it’s a good idea to embargo their programming from the internet.

Fox Sports Radio

Yes, we know they’re pissed about having so few affiliates inside the 500-1700 AM dial position airing their live shows between 3am-1am. But preventing their top affiliates (in Western Nebraska and Southern Saskatchewan) from streaming FSR shows is so 1998.

Earthworm expert Chris Berman somehow finds a way to shine a spotlight on himself when describing his experience calling Cal Ripken’s 2131 game to the BALTIMORE SUN:

Chris Berman

When Cal arrived in the clubhouse before the game, we were set up to meet him to conduct a brief interview. I looked at him with a straight face and said, ‘Cal you think you might get in tonight?’ Cal laughed, and then we had a great interview for the telecast. Next time I saw him, he thanked me for, at least for 30 seconds, letting him laugh and relax on that unbelievable night.

• ROTO SCOOP has one more reason to love lazy eye (don’t ask if you don’t know):

Stuart Scott

Stuart Scott made this painfully awkward reference to ‘Rent’ in the lead into a SportsCenter piece about the bouncer paralyzed in the Pacman Jones Vegas shooting: ‘How Does Urbanski measure a year in the life, 525,600 minutes? By renting out time… in his mind.’

• With the non-stop talk about Dan Patrick’s departure from ESPN Radio (alright, that might be a slight exaggeration), lost in the shuffle is one of the more underrated sports radio hosts in the same time slot, middayer Dave Smith of Sporting News Radio. If you’re searching for a midday sports stream now that DP has been played out, give Smith a chance.