Donald In Driver’s Seat of Favre’s Charity Ballgame

Guess Brett Favre’s retirement must really be final - His charity softball game has been taken over by a teammate.

Donald Driver Packers Charity Softball Event

(Donald Driver takes a swing at hosting Brett Favre’s charity softball game)

The MILWAUKEE JOURNAL SENTINEL pitches up news that Packers receiver Donald Driver decided to step up to the plate to keep the annual Father’s Day event going. Favre had hosted the softball game for the past eight years, but Packer backers were fearful that the game would be called after Brett said bye-bye back in March.

Enter Donald, who volunteered to host this year’s event:

“Didn’t hesitate,” Driver said. “I wanted to keep the tradition alive.”

Despite the absence of Favre, over 5,000 fans still showed up at Fox Cities Stadium to cheer on the rest of their Green Bay guys. And those wanting to see some batting offense weren’t disappointed, as the game finished with a final score of 23-to-21 - ironically won by the Packers’ defense.

Now that his softball game is in the hands of another Packer, we truly believe that Brett has really hung up his cleats for good.

Until September.