Donaghy Phoned Fellow Ref 134 Times In ‘06-’07

Tim Donaghy reached out and touched someone a whole lot of times during his alleged gambling days. And it wasn’t just his bookie getting all the calls - it was another NBA ref.

Scott Foster Tim Donaghy NBA refs

(Scott Foster [L] was apparently in Tim Donaghy’s five)

FOX NEWS reports that Donaghy had phoned fellow ref Scott Foster 134 times during the 2006-07 season, or about 8 more times than he rang up bookie James Battista:

The majority of the phone calls lasted no more than two minutes and occurred prior to and after games Donaghy officiated and on which he admits wagering.

Was Timmy this chatty with all the other NBA refs? Not exactly - the second most calls he made to another on-court official was 13.

Donaghy’s massive amount of calls to Foster has authorities concerned that the NBA betting scandal could go beyond just one disgraced ref.

Foster declined comment on his relationship with Donaghy, and said he wasn’t under any investigation at the moment. When Fox News tried calling him again, they were treated to a voice mail saying, “the person at this number is not accepting calls at this time.

Hmmm… could this mean that Tim was right about the rampant game-fixing going on in the Association?

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