Donaghy: “Orlando should dust off its golf clubs”

WEEI midday sports update anchor Chris Villani reports via Twitter today:

Tim Donaghy

WEEI producer called Tim Donaghy & told him who tonight’s Game 6 refs are, Donaghy’s reply “Orlando should dust off their golf clubs.”

The officiating crew for tonight’s Boston-Orlando matchup in Boston is Mike Callahan, Monty McCutchen and Ken Mauer.

Celtics Blog has a scouting report, including statistical tendencies, on each guy.

Monty McCutchen
Home Team W/L: 51-26
Home Team win % in Playoffs: 90%
% of fouls called on Home Team: 50%

Only other Celtics game in the playoffs was Boston game 6 win over the Cavs.

Mike Callahan
Home Team W/L: 50-25
Home Team win % in Playoffs 63%
% of fouls called on Home Team 49.8%

Only other appearance in the Celtics’ postseason was Boston win over Cleveland in game 4.

Ken Mauer
Home Team W/L: 40-33
Home Team win % in Playoffs 50%
% of fouls called on Home Team 49.1%

Called 3 games for the Celtics in the playoffs: Game 4 in Miami and Game 3 against Cleveland (both Boston losses) and Game 1 vs Orlando, which was a Boston win.

What does that stuff mean to me? Absolutely zero. I’ve worked in sports media over 20 years total, covering and traveling with pro teams daily for nine of those years. Literally living with those teams.

Knowing what I know from that lifestyle and dealing with players, coaches and officials, I’ve never bet a game and I never will. Absolutely impossible to predict what will happen night-to-night. If you bet hundreds of games a year, maybe some patterns develop. But betting one-off games is folly.