Don Russell of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS wr…

Don Russell of the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS writes "after Brett Favre’s dad, ‘Big Irv,’ died last month, even Eagles fans felt sorry for the Green Bay Packers’ star quarterback. … for about three minutes." Russell runs down the Favre family tree: FATHER: "Irvin Favre. As a high school football coach, he helped Southern Miss violate NCAA rules to recruit his son." WIFE: "Deanna. He got her pregnant when he was 18, and she was 19. Married her seven years later." BROTHER: "Scott. Killed a family friend when he drove his car into a railroad crossing and got hit by a train. Jailed for DUI." SISTER: "Brandi. A Mississippi beauty queen, arrested for shoplifting."


DODGERS OWNER LESS-THAN-FRANK: On a recent edition of FSN West’s "Southern California Sports Report," Los Angeles Dodgers Owner Frank McCourt was asked about the name-change by the Angels.

McCourt: "I think that true Angelenos and real Dodgers fans, they’re not fooled by billboards or PR campaigns. They’re Dodger fans."

Dodgers fans also aren’t fooled by a leveraged, nickel-dime owner whose only assets are parking lots located 3,043 miles away from the Angel City.

McCourt, true to form, then took the topic completely out of context - and made an ass out of himself in the process: "I’m just not going to spend my money or the Dodgers’ money … on, you know, billboards and lawyers and PR campaigns.

"I’m going to spend it on players. I’m going to spend it on improving the ballpark and just improving the overall experience. That’s why we went out and spent $144[M] on free agents, and we’re spending [$15-20M] on the ballpark."

McCourt questioning Arte Moreno’s spending habits on players is almost as laughable as the Dodgers Owner’s inability to make payments on the enormous personal debt he’s accrued over the years.