Don Mattingly Not Interested In Yankees Manager Job

MATTINGLY GIVES A BRONX CHEER TO TAKING TORRE’S JOB: The Yankees’ purported primary choice to replace manager Joe Torre says he wouldn’t take the job:

Don Mattingly Hitman

Ed Price of the NEWARK (NJ) STAR-LEDGER reports that Don Mattingly would pass over the position if he was offered it. The former Yankee star-turned-Yankee bench coach says he doesn’t feel ready to step into the role. He also adds that he would be “uncomfortable” replacing Torre.

George Steinbrenner and sons Hank & Hal haven’t decided on the fate of Torre. Days earlier, King George decreed that Joe’s job was on the line if the Yanks didn’t win their series against Cleveland. As we all know, the Indians advanced - and Torre’s been twisting in the wind since.

Joe Torre Unemployed Office

Mattingly is apparently the Boss’s first choice to take the helm. But if Don keeps his current stance about the job, Torre may be brought back for a 13th season.

Mattingly sees the Yankees position a tough one to fill: “It’s pretty much a no-win situation for someone coming in here, to be able to live up to expectations and live up to what (Torre did).”

More importantly, Mattingly appears in no hurry to bear the brunt of the front office’s fury. During his appearance in an episode of “The Simpsons“, Don made this comment about maniacal softball manager Monty Burns: “He’s still better than Steinbrenner.”