Cherry Not So Merry For Latest “Coach’s Corner”

Don Cherry was not in a merry mood for his latest TV appearance.

The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL reviews the hockey analyst’s choice of words in his holiday segment for “Hockey Night In Canada”.

Bedecked in a red suit and Santa tie, Cherry was anything but jolly. He began the program by reminding viewers that Christmas was all about “baby Jesus”.

He then went on a rant about the Ruuttu brothers - Tuomo & Jarkko - and their dirty style of play. When Tuomo was shown laughing after getting an Ottawa player sent to the penalty box, Cherry commented, “Wouldn’t you like to go up and smack that guy?

Don Cherry & dog

As for Jarkko, the reason for Chris Simon’s 30-game suspension, Cherry said that he deserved to get stepped on by the New York Islander.

Speaking of Simon, co-host Ron MacLean brought up the opinion that the suspended player feels like he isn’t given “a fair shake” as a native Canadian of the Ojibwa tribe.

Cherry’s response: “You’re saying that natives have an inferiority complex when something happens to them?….Fair shake in life? Go out and get your own fair shake in life and work for it! Don’t give me that stuff!

Don Cherry hugs Scott Thompson

Cherry also wasn’t thrilled with an earlier CBC feature on Boston Bruins defenceman Andrew Ference and his environmental work, calling the segment “sickening”:

What is this stuff? It’s ‘Hockey Night in Canada’. And we’re talking about saving the world and all that stuff. Let’s talk about hockey!

Happy holidays to you, too, Grapes.