Don Cherry Movie To Have Outlandish Costumes

Hockey Night in Canada commentator and all-around fashion plate Don Cherry (pictured below dressed as The Riddler) will soon be the subject of a two-part movie written by his son, Tim, THE TORONTO STAR reports.

Don Cherry

“We’re trying to find out if Brad Pitt can play the leading role,” jokes the movie’s protagonist. “Maybe George Clooney could play me in the later years.”

Nice try, but it’s Richard Attenborough all the way for you, Cherry.

The movie, the article states, “deals mostly with the Coach’s Corner star’s early life in hockey’s minor leagues. In fact, it will end when Cherry meets Ron MacLean, 24 years ago.”

Seriously? A two-part movie and it ends 24 years ago? That’s like making a Dick Vitale biopic that ends with him coaching the Pistons. Wait, let me not give Hollywood any ideas.