Don Cherry Loves Fighting in Hockey, But Also Loves To Love With the Kids In The Hall\’s Scott Thompson

GRAPES LOVES TO FIGHT, BUT ALSO LOVES TO LOVE: Don Cherry loves a good fight, and the National Hockey League has taken notice. According to AOL SPORTS BLOG, players will now get five strikes ’till suspension, instead of the current three.

Don Cherry & dog

Don has never been one to keep his feelings to himself. But his tell-it-like-it-is approach have won the hearts of his fellow Canucks - In a 2004 poll, Grapes was named 7th Greatest Canadian of all time, ranking ahead of Wayne Gretzky.

However, Cherry also has his tender side, as shown in this clip from a 1992 Canadian talk show, where he gets a visit from Kids In The Hall member Scott Thompson:

Don Cherry hugs Scott Thompson

The openly-gay comedian shows his support with the openly-mouthed commentator when it comes to Canada’s sport. For one, he loves it when the gloves come off:

Thompson: “I am in your camp, sir. I love the violence in hockey!”

Cherry: “Well, when you start talkin’ love, I’m in trouble, I’ll tell ya that!”

Scott Thompson KITH Jays

Like Cherry, Thompson also blames the decrease in NHL fights on Europeans - a similar situation he sees when he’s out and about:

“We’re having the exact same problem in the gay community right now. Whenever a brawl breaks out in a bar, all the Europeans are in the corner, saying ‘Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me!’, while the Canadians are out there slugging away!”

But eventually, the conversation nears its end with a sweet embrace. (Awwwwww.)

Good to see that Don’s comfortable enough with himself not to worry about a ‘fag out’.