ESPN Adds Don Cherry To Sweeten NHL Coverage

In order to bring some flash & flair to their March Madness coverage, ESPN invited Bob Knight to set his butt down at the Bristol anchor desk. Now, the Worldwide Leader is hoping to repeat the same success with the NHL playoffs (or at least the same media buzz) by bringing aboard Don Cherry.

SbB Girls Colene Alex Crystal with Don Cherry

(SbB Girls Colene, Alex & Crystal stay healthy with Cherry)

The TORONTO GLOBE & MAIL reports that the CBC hockey hothead and 7th Greatest Canadian Ever will be adding his analysis and aggravations to SportsCenter (or as they call it up north, “SportsCentre”). Don makes his debut this Friday, but he won’t be carrying on from the Connecticut studios.

(Wild wardrobe gallery from the Don Cherry collection after the jump.)

Cherry will be doing live remotes from Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, following along with the Penguins-Flyers Eastern Conference Finals series. But don’t worry, CBC viewers - you won’t be denied your daily dose of Don:

“When I’m finished with the wrap-up on ‘Hockey Night (in Canada)’, I’ll do the ESPN spot,” Cherry said. “Sherali (Najak, the executive producer of Hockey Night) will help set it up for me.”

And don’t think Don is just doing this for the money. Steve Levy announced on Tuesday night’s SportsCenter that Cherry will donate the money he earns for his ESPN appearance to the Humane Society.

Even though ESPN doesn’t carry any NHL games - at least for the moment - why would they go through all the trouble to get Grapes? He can only think of one reason:

“I guess they like my jackets.”

Don Cherry jacket

Don Cherry Ron Maclean

Don Cherry wild suit

Can’t argue with you there, Don.