Don Barrett of spies on Tim Conw…

Don Barrett of spies on Tim Conway, Jr., on KLXS-FM: "The race track is the greatest place in the world. You get there early. There’s 99 minutes till the first post. You’ve got your colored pens. You’ve got your bowl of chili. A bottle of beer."


BOOTS’ BIG BOI BET BUSTS: The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports Middle Tennessee State is trying to cook the books to keep Division I football.

Football programs must average 15,000 fans a game to stay in the NCAA’s top division. But Middle Tennessee averaged only about 14,000 in its first two home games.

So for last Saturday’s game against Idaho, Middle Tennessee scheduled a free concert immediately after the game by rapper Big Boi. Anyone who wanted to attend the concert was forced to attend the game.

MTSU athletic director Boots Donnelly: "Coming to a football game is no longer the norm. You have to have an activity."

Final attendance count: A damp, disappointing 16,718.